Fresh Start Sober LivingRequirements

Minimum Basic Requirements For Residency in a Fresh Start Sober Living Home

Picking up the pieces, and getting back on track after experiencing the havoc alcoholism/addiction wreaks on one’s life isn’t easy, but it is possible in the right environment, with the right direction and support! Below are some of the basic Requirements of our residents…

  • Have a sincere desire to live alcohol/drug free, a minimum 3 days sobriety, and be able to pass a drug/alcohol screen.
  • Maintain Physical Sobriety! Use of illicit drugs/alcohol is prohibited. Kratom, Methadone, Subutex, Suboxone, Sublocade, CBD products, Over-the-counter decongestant cold medicines, mouth wash w/alcohol, designer or synthetic drugs and controlled substances of any kind are also prohibited. Any approved medications, must be taken as prescribed.
  • Daily Prayer & Meditation
  • Secure a Sponsor and join a Home Group within first 2 weeks.
  • Maintain a Service Commitment
  • Daily attendance at AA/ NA meetings and (1) mandatory house meeting each week. The first 30 days, a meeting verification sheet is required.
  • Be financially self-supporting, or have a means of financial support, to pay rent. Your rent will be due each week, on the day of the week in which you entered our program. Rent is $150 per week. Upon entry, each resident is responsible for a $279 non-refundable administrative entry fee, +$150 first week’s rent, for a total of $429. It is recommended that residents have a reliable means to pay their rent until employment is secured.
  • Secure employment, schooling, IOP or volunteer work within the first 2 weeks. Daytime hours are strongly recommended! 3rd shift jobs are not permitted. IOP, volunteer work and school will only be acceptable in lieu of employment if resident has alternative means to pay their rent and must be at least 25 hours combined.
  • Submit to Weekly random drug/alcohol tests. If positive, resident will be evicted.

*Refer to the Fresh Start Sober Living “Resident Agreement” for a complete list of Rules & Requirements

Sober Living Requirements

Applications & Agreements

If you’re ready for a Fresh Start, complete and submit the (2) page application below. Please allow 24 hours for review of your application. If you have not received a call from us within 24 hours, please call us at (704) 264-1005.