Fresh Start Sober LivingRequirements

Fresh Start Resident Agreement


Please read and “check” to indicate your understanding and agreement:

General House Rules/Requirements/Guidelines:

You are in a Sober Living Program/Environment. Your success and continuance in this program/environment is dependent upon your consistent good behavior and cooperation. Disruptive and/or Discourteous behavior will not be tolerated. Any contact with Illegal Drugs and/or Alcohol and/or violation of any of the following Rules & Guidelines can/will result in eviction. By checking the box, and your digital signature, indicate your understanding and agreement. When in doubt…ASK!

New Resident Status

Every “New Resident” entering the Fresh Start Sober Living Program and those residents that violate the conditions of their agreement with Fresh Start Sober Living are placed on “New Resident” status. The Fresh Start Sober Living Program requires strict adherence to the following conditions, and all other Rules, Requirements & Guidelines.

  • Attend an AA/NA meeting daily & get a meeting sheet signed.
  • Have a Sponsor (Residents are required to maintain a working relationship with a Sponsor. It is recommended that each Resident be on track to take all “12 Steps” within 6 – 9 months from date of arrival at Fresh Start Sober Living).
  • Have, attend and participate in a Home Group.
  • Have and fulfill a Service commitment.
  • Adhere to a 6:00 pm curfew (If attendance at an 8:00pm “AA/NA” meeting is desired, you may leave at 7:15pm and return no later than 9:45pm and must attend with another Fresh Start Sober Living resident).
  • Be employed and/or have satisfied all financial obligations.
  • New Resident status applies to everyone for their first 30 days (minimum).
  • Residents can/will remain on ‘New Resident’ status until all conditions of their agreement with Fresh Start Sober Living are met/satisfied. If at any time a resident violates the conditions of their agreement with Fresh Start Sober Living, he/she will remain on, or immediately be placed back on “New Resident” status.

To be removed from/remain off of “New Resident” status, you must:

  • Satisfy all conditions of your agreement with Fresh Start Sober Living and receive a unanimous vote of confidence from other residents (peers).

Residents are encouraged to become thoroughly familiar with the Rules Requirements & Guidelines and conditions of your agreement with Fresh Start Sober Living. Ignorance is not an excuse!

Drug Screen/Test

I understand that I can be tested for Drugs and/or Alcohol at any time, for any reason, per my agreement with Fresh Start Sober Living. I am aware and have full knowledge that the person(s) administering the test(s) are my peers and not medical personnel. I am also aware that if I test positive, refuse compliance or attempt to cheat/circumvent the test in any way, I will be evicted from the Fresh Start Sober Living program and required to leave the premises immediately. My signature below indicates my understanding and consent.