Requirements for Our Fresh Start Services in Charlotte, NC

Getting your life back on track after experiencing addiction isn’t easy, but it is possible with the right environment. At FreshStart, we give recovering people a place without judgment and full of compassion, opportunity, and community. Like the name implies, we provide focused fresh start services in Charlotte, NC. In a nutshell, that means creating a space where residents are defined by the positive steps they take, not the troubles they’ve lived through.

That said, we take community safety seriously. In order to provide safe and effective sober living for everyone we serve, there are a few requirements you’ll need to meet tor join us. These include:

  • Having a desire to live clean and sober, with a minimum of three (3) days of sobriety.

  • Being self-supporting, meaning employed or having another legal means by which to support yourself financially.

  • Actively working through a program of recovery like membership in AA/NA, sponsorship, joining a homegroup, service, and regular AA/NA meeting attendance.

If you need addiction housing and feel ready to take the steps above, we welcome you to the start of the rest of your life. No matter where you’ve been and what you’ve done, you deserve the chance to discover and reclaim your best self. Get in touch today to learn more about our homes. You can also take advantage of the resources below.


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