Alcohol Addiction Recovery Programs in Charlotte, NC

Abuse of a drug constitutes any misuse. In other words, using a drug to cope with negative emotions or to self-medicate for a mental affliction, using an illegal or prescription drug to get high, or using a prescription in any way other than its intended use. Addiction usually starts with experimental substance use in social settings. If you’re concerned about yourself or your loved one, you should seek quickly and consider enrolling the afflicted individual in an alcoholism housing program for sober living in Charlotte, NC.

Alcohol addiction is a powerful force. Deciding to live cleanly is a step in the right direction – but it does have challenges. However, you never have to face this fight alone. At FreshStart, we understand that the road to recovery can be a long and arduous process. Let us help you navigate what the future brings. We offer recovery programs in Charlotte, NC, that empower you to overcome addiction in a communal setting.

Teamwork saves lives. Live in a sober living community that supports your decision to be a better you. By moving into our alcoholism recovery housing, you will live with individuals who are also committed to living honestly. In turn, you will find the strength and support you need to beat alcohol and drug addiction. Our community managers work closely with tenants to coordinate support meetings, participate in recovery programs, and receive assistance in everyday activities. We help people recover from alcoholism, allowing them to regain their sense of independence while fostering communal bonds.

Learn More About Our Community

Located in beautiful Charlotte, NC, FreshStart is a basic 12-Step Sober Living program for men and women who have a desire to recover from alcoholism or drug addiction. Our homes provide a clean, comfortable, and safe living environment for recovery.

Among the amenities and services our homes offer are:

  • Each house is on a public transportation line
  • Transport to 12-Step meetings and the grocery store
  • Computer with Internet access
  • Weekly house meeting

Join Our Community Today

Our recovery program includes homes for men and women. We also organize regular events and activities that allow residents to gather and socialize. When you live here, you can pursue a clean lifestyle while encouraging others to pursue success.

We are excited that you are interested in joining our community. Please review our sober living requirements, where you may also find applications to join. We look forward to meeting you.

Contact us to learn more about our sober living community. We fully understand the challenge of seeking help for your addiction and are committed to making you feel as comfortable as we can. Our amenities are always available for you to make use of at your convenience, as we don’t want to feel isolated from the world. All that we ask of you is to be committed to living a clean and sober life, have the financial means to support yourself, and be willing to attend a recovery program like AA or NA.

We look forward to helping you lead a clean and sober life. We are located in Charlotte, NC, and looking to help people in our community. Learn more about our recovery housing and see how we can help you or your loved one enjoy a life free of substance dependency.

Exterior of men's house.

Exterior of women's house.

Exterior of men's house.




Residents enjoy the back yard.

Men's house kitchen.

Houses offer computer with internet access.




Interior of men's house.

Residents enjoy the common living area.

Kitchen at the women's house




Residents and their snowman

Fellowship by the Sea

Awesome time at Fellowship by the Sea


Celebrating July 4th

Woman's House Fun in the snow



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