About the Founder of Our Recovery Community in Charlotte, NC

It takes a community to provide the support needed for long-term freedom from alcohol or drug addiction. After realizing the necessity for assistance, an individual who faces this challenge benefits from time in short-term residential treatment. Once that is over, and the individual would like to integrate slowly back into society, there is a need for a safe space of structure and support. That place is the sober-living recovery community in Charlotte, NC.


Rightly named FreshStart, the community consists of separate houses for men and women, where they live while attending 12-Step programs and developing coping skills, so they do not have to turn to alcohol or drugs to deal with their problems. The founder of our community is Michael Gillis, who understands the difficulties of addiction, has been sober since May 15, 2001. He and the house managers offer the wisdom of their own experience and their compassion to those who choose to live in this community.

Setting Up for Success


Remaining drug or alcohol-free requires a day-by-day approach to life that is best learned in an environment that sets people up for success. As someone undergoes trials, they have support from our founder and house managers, as well as the rest of the people who live in the individual house and the community. Day by day, they learn how to remain sober and have those who understand the difficulties by their side to share the experience with them. To learn more about the recovery program requirements, call the office or send us an email.

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